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Nitrile Coated Glove

Post Datum: 2019/04/19 16:52:14
Verlopen Datum: 2019/07/18 23:59:59
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STO Safety Products Co., Ltd.
  • Contactpersoon:Tony
  • De Titel van de baan: Op de markt brengende Directeur
  • Tel.:86-510-89886996
  • Fax:86-510-82126503
  • Adres:Wuxi,Jiangsu,China (mainland)
  • Stad:WUXI
  • Staat/Provincie: JIANGSU
  • Land/Gebied:China (vasteland)
  • Pit/Post Code: 214026


Art No.: 7256NPA
Description: Nitrile dipped, palm coated, 13 gauge dyed and printing polyester string kint lining, smooth finish
Size: S, M, L, XL
Colour available(Nitrile): Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange etc.
- Resistance to many aliphatic solvents, oils, fats and greases
- the ergonomically designed curved hand and finger shape gives this glove unsurpassed comfort and dexterity
- Nitrile dipped on this glove gives superior abrasion, cut and puncture resistance
- Knitted with a light weight polyester liner
- the back provides excellent breathability for light duty jobs
- It creates a kind of suction that further increase grip, oil does not saturate either, to keep hand dry.
- Handling small parts assembly
- Maintenance
- Automotive Industry
- Refining
- Masonry
- Gardening
- Construction
- Farming