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Versatile Leisure Vending Chair 1728

Post Datum: 2019/05/30 16:56:06
Verlopen Datum: 2019/11/06 23:59:59
Trade Leads Category: De Stoelen van de massage
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Hsin Hao Health Materials Co., Ltd.
  • Contactpersoon:Falcon Chen
  • De Titel van de baan: Op de markt brengende Manager
  • Tel.:886-4-7793313
  • Fax:886-4-7793102
  • Adres:183, Waichung St., Waichung Vil.
  • Land/Gebied:Taiwan
  • Pit/Post Code: 506



With new low voltage design, this chair also provides a worry-free environment when the user's using the chair or even a safe working environment for maintenance guy. No needs to worry about getting electric shock, all the components of vending chair are compatible for 24V. Plus adjustable buttons, provides various kinds of massage.

* Low voltage 24V to provide a safe operation environment.
Versatile leisure vending chair has four massage actions: kneading, tapping, tap-kneading, rolling.
* Massage area options: Full back, Upper back, Lower back.
* Intensity adjustable buttons:
# 5 levels of adjustable massage intensity.
# 3 levels of adjustable air bags massage intensity.
# 3 levels of adjustable leg massager speed.
* Chair back reclining automatically while doing massage.
* Ergonomic S back and S track robotic back massage.
* 6 massage balls deliver massage actions.
* 4 Spine-remedy rollers purporting posture correction.
* Armrest fitted with display windows showing current remaining massage time, massage movement & massage area.
* Coin / Bill identification, timer & beeper system.
* Coin / Bill to feed and volume of warning voice for non paying patron.
* Coin acceptability: Accepting any kind of coin or token circulating globally.

Chair Back
N.W.:30.2 kgs
G.W.:36.2 kgs

Chair Seat
N.W.:41.2 kgs
G.W.:47.2 kgs

N.W.:17.3 kgs
G.W.:21.3 kgs
Safety/Quality Approvals