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Motorized String Curtains With LED

Post Datum: 2018/07/24 15:02:54
Verlopen Datum: 2018/10/22 23:59:59
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Motorized String Curtains can be used not only as a window dressing but also as a room divider, decorative backdrop, lamp-shade, doorway decoration or even as a stage setting. They allow the sunshine to pass through, creating a lovely light and glowing effect.
1. String Curtains are a versatile design as they can be used in many ways, as a door curtain, room divider, a wall decoration, a transparent window dressing. These curtains are the unique interaction of light and shadow, creating a stunning elegance.
2. The string curtain can be with vibrant colors LED light to make the romantic atmosphere of space.
3. The String Curtains are light in texture and weight. There are extremely practical for interior design.
4. Customize the length by cutting the string curtain with scissors.
5. Durable spiral rod to drive.
6. One touch control of individual or groups of blind.
7. Integrated with home automation system.
8. Built-in dry contact closure interface for direct connection to Automation or Smart Home System.
9. Designed with Reliability and Safety - 24V DC transformer.
Technical Data:
* Working Voltage: DC 24V, 1A
* Radio Frequency: 433.92MHz, ASK
* Load Capacity: 30kgs
* Max. Length: 5.4m
* Remote range: 30m
* Power: AC110 - 240V, 50-60Hz