Data Green Co., Ltd.

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  • Land/Gebied: Taiwan
  • Stad: Nieuw Taipeh
  • Contactpersoon: Mr. Sen-Fa Zheng
  • Tel.: 886-2-85217803
  • Fax: 886-2-85216547
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Our company was established in nineteen ninety-seven. Our main lines of products include: PP color-printed stationery & more PP color-printed product. Our products have the following advantages: fashionable, delicacy, efficiency, shining, function & anything you want of the PP products. We are a well organized, experience and specialized manufacturer. We are in a position to offer you the best quality products at the lowest prices. [ Click for detail ]

Info van het contact
Company Name Data Green Co., Ltd.
Land van Herkomst Taiwan
Stad Nieuw Taipeh
Adres New Taipei,Taiwan. No.21 Fude 3Rd St., Xinzhuang Dist.,
Tel. 886-2-85217803
Fax 886-2-85216547
Pit/Post Code 242
Contactpersoon Mr. Sen-Fa Zheng