Persian Handicrafts

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  • Land/Gebied: Iran
  • Provincie: Isfahan
  • Stad: Isfahan
  • Contactpersoon: Mr. Shayan Kazemi
  • Tel.: 98-313-2642413
  • Fax: 98-313-2642413
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The Initial Introduction Of Enameling ; Enamels Is An Art That Nowadays Is Made Only On Copper But It Can Also Be Done On Gold And Silver. The Formation Of The Enamel Is Due To The Combination Of Metal Oxides And Several Salt Species In The Vicinity Of High Temperatures. The Center Of Production Of Enamel In Iran Is Isfahan And Now There Are Outstanding Professors And Masters In This Field. Enamels Background; Enamels Has A 5000-Year History Used To Decorate Jewelry And Dishes. This Art Is A Combination Of Fire And Soil Which Combines With The Art Of Painting And Creates Beautiful Designs. Seeking To Adapt Byzantine Pearls To Iranian Wor... [ Click for detail ]

Info van het contact
Company Name Persian Handicrafts
Land van Herkomst Iran
Staat/Provincie Isfahan
Stad Isfahan
Adres No1. Besharat Blind Alley. Hamedanian Ave. Jei St
Tel. 98-313-2642413
Fax 98-313-2642413
Contactpersoon Mr. Shayan Kazemi