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UV-5001 UV Water Sterilizer, Other Water Filter Parts

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  • Land/Gebied: Taiwan
  • Stad: De Stad van Chiayi
  • Contactpersoon: Mr. Jeff Hsiao
  • Tel.: 886-5-2348761-2
  • Fax: 886-5-2348841
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UV-5001 UV Water Sterilizer, Other Water Filter Parts

De Categorie van het product Het industriële Materiaal van de Reiniging van het Water
De Methode van de verkoop De uitvoer,Vervaardiging,In het groot,OEM/ODM,Kleinhandels
De Termijn van de betaling T/T,L/C bij Gezicht
Minimum Orde: 100 Stukken
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  • Taiwan
  • UV-5001
  • Shann Chih UV
  • 09/17/2018

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  • ** (cm)

De Specificaties van het product / Eigenschappen

(1) For clean water: 42Gpm/168Lpm
For DI or RO water: 50GPM/200Lpm
(2) UV germicidal lamp: 39W x 4( Model: UVC-D842T5 )
(3) Ballast: 39W x 4
(4) Dimension: Ø 140mm x 900mm
(5) Voltage: 100V~120V, 220V~240V, 50/60HZ
(6) Inlet/Outlet size: 1-1/2" PT
(7) Max. working pressure: 125PSI
(8) Chamber/Housing: Stainless Steel 304 or 316(Option)
(9) Quartz Sleeve: SQ230895x4
(10) Lamp failure warning system: LED+ Alarm
(11) Lamp average life: 9, 000 hours
. High quality quartz lamp and sleeve keep high output
of UV emit.
. Quick and simple installation
. Long service life saves your money.
. Polished stainless steel reactor chambers strong
the UV reflection.
. Visual LED display indicator for lamp failure
. The most natural way to protects your water safely
. Easy lamp replacement and maintenance
. Wide application, able to be used in various water
treatment areas
. Neither add any chemical complexes nor change the
taste and odor of the water, it will not remove any
beneficial minerals in the water.
. It is able to kill 99.9% destruction of bacteria and
virus under the standard water quality and flow.
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