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VMECA. Vacuum Conveyor

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  • Zuid-Korea
  • long-lory
  • VacuümTransportband VMECA
  • 10/25/2018

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VMECA Vacuum Conveyor Equipments...
generates a vacuum, the pump will be automatically operated control, because of the degeneracy of the combination of components Single, easy maintenance, and a vacuum is generated within the container.
lower feed valve (button valve) switch, to generate a negative pressure in the conveying conduit, has been passed to the inlet end (5).
conveying the powder particles in the suction side is sucked into the conveying conduit, and along the delivery line to the container, the bottom valve to skate.
filter (6) to effectively filter dust and tiny particles, prevented from entering the pump, and also to reduce dust pollution of the environment. Solid small storage, within the filter, which is filled with compressed air during inspiration.
from the transport of the powder particles when the container is full, the vacuum pump to stop on the operation (manual or automatic stop). Conveyor unloading valve will be opened, the inside of the powder particles are ejected, and the same time, the vacuum inside the reservoir will be destroyed to flow through the filter purification.
from the pump starts again, the cycle will repeat. Inspiratory pressure relief controlled by a timer, but also other control signals (7) can be used.

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