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De Staaf van het Titanium van het nikkel van de Legering (NiTi)

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  • Land/Gebied: China (vasteland)
  • Provincie: Shaanxi
  • Stad: Xi'an
  • Contactpersoon: Mrs. Bess
  • Tel.: 86-134-6897-5464
  • Fax: 86-29-8653-8890
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De Staaf van het Titanium van het nikkel van de Legering (NiTi)

De Categorie van het product De Bars van het titanium
De Methode van de verkoop De uitvoer,Vervaardiging
De Termijn van de betaling T/T,L/C bij Gezicht,Western Union
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  • Xi'an , Shaanxi , China (vasteland)
  • XSM
  • 9001: 2001
  • 08/28/2013

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De Specificaties van het product / Eigenschappen

nickel titanium alloy rod 1. Name: titanium-nickel alloy bars and wires, plate 2. Material: mainly Nickel and titanium; Shape Memory Nitinol wire: TiNi-01 TiNi-02 Super elastic Nitinol wire: TiNi-SS Medical Nitinol alloy: TiNi-SS Narrow Hysteresis Nitinol Alloy: TiNiCu alloy Wide Hysteresis Nitinol Alloy: TiNiNb TiNiFe 3. Standard: ASTM F2063-05 Q/XB1516 Customer specified or Industry Standard 4. Size: Bar: Dia6.0mm--20mm Wire: 0.02-6.0mm Sheet: Thickness 0.3-50.0mm Width≤350mm Length≤2500mm Application: 1. SMAs are "ideally suited for use as fasteners, seals, connectors, and clamps". Tighter connections and easier and more efficient installations result from the use of shape memory alloys 2. Many of the current applications of Nitinol have been in the field of medicine. Tweezers to remove foreign objects through small incisions were invented by NASA. 3. Anchors with Nitinol hooks to attach tendons to bone were used for shoulder surgery. 4. Orthodontic wires made out of Nitinol reduces the need to retighten and adjust the wire. These wires also accelerate tooth motion as they revert to their original shapes. 5. Titanium nickel shape memory alloy urine road expansion support 6. Memory alloy esophagus support 7. Memory alloy as forgery-proof material application 8. Medical high strength memory alloy orthopedic stick 9. One kind of memory alloy thin walled tube inner support 10. Grid shape memory alloy super-elasticity bra to hold cup 11. Memory alloy human body centrum 12. One-sided bone cerebral cortex memory alloy to sew 13. One kind of memory alloy easily to disassemble surrounds the type to add the compression connection 14. Expansion contraction rate in above 20%. Fatigue life achievable 107 times, damping characteristics than normal spring high 10 times, the corrosion resistance of the optimal 15. Production can be applied in glasses frame, women's bra, mobile phone antenna, dental arch wire, instruments and other areas of high quality memory Alloy wire. 16. Memory alloy has used in the connection pipeline union and the automated control aspect, makes the drive pipe with the memory alloy to be possible to replace the welding, the method is in the low temperature time the jet in all expands approximately 4%, when the assembly the sleeve joint same place, as soon as passes through the heating, the drive pipe contraction restores form, and forms closing joint parts oContact: Bess
Quantity Per Month: 800KG/MONTH
Delivery Way - Date Of Delivery: BY SEA, BY AIR, BY COURIER
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De Staaf van de Legering van het Titanium van het nikkel, NiTi Staaf, de Bar van de Legering van het Geheugen van de Vorm, Nitinol Bar, Bar Superelastic
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