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multepak single-stage oil rotary vane vacuum pump manufacturer and supplier

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  • Land/Gebied: China (vasteland)
  • Provincie: Jiangsu
  • Stad: Nantong
  • Contactpersoon: Shirley
  • Tel.: 86-189-32203247
  • Fax: 86-189-32203247
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multepak single-stage oil rotary vane vacuum pump manufacturer and supplier

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  • Nantong , Jiangsu , China (vasteland)
  • XD-020
  • 08/04/2018

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De Specificaties van het product / Eigenschappen

Product description
Rotary Vane Pumps are oil-sealed vacuum pumps. They contain a specially positioned rotor andvanes that split the working chamber into two different compartments that have variable volumes. Gas flows into the suction chamber as the rotor turns until it is sealed by the second vane. After the enclosed gas is compressed, the outlet valve opens against pressure. The oil seals the outlet valve and releases a small amount into the suction chamber as the valve opens to lubricate the chamber and seal the vanes against the pumps housing.
Main Features:
1.High ultimate vacuum degree, less than 0.5 mbar
2.High pumping speed 
3.Low operating noise, less than 66 dB(A)
4.Good capability of pumping or eliminating water vapor
5.When the inlet pressure 1.33 x 103 Pa, it still can work continuously
6.Environmental-friendly; Equipped with oil mist eliminator can remove 99.99% of the exhaust gas oil.
7.Compact structure; scientific and reasonable design; convenient Installation
Food industry, Vacuum Packaging, Material drying, Automobile Industry, Vacuum furnaces and plants, Laser technology, Medicinal technology, Metallurgy, Power engineering, Space simulation, Vacuum Coating, Vacuum loading, Electronics, Semiconductors, R & D- Scientific Research, Bottling pick & place, Paper - Plastic - Glass - Rubber Processing Industry, Oil Purification, Vacuum Distillation, Heat Treatment.
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Oil type rotary vane, rotary vane vacuum pump, vacuum pump 020 040, 020 040 063 100 160 200 Xd Sv
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