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Karaoke And Sound System

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  • Land/Gebied: Taiwan
  • Stad: Taoyuan
  • Contactpersoon: Mr. Hung
  • Tel.: 886-3-3572791
  • Fax: 886-3-3572790
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Karaoke And Sound System

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  • Taiwan
  • WST-KM210
  • null
  • 07/23/2015

De Specificaties van het product / Eigenschappen

Digital mix and channel switching
KM210 using Digital Mixing technology, and can switch the left channel, right channel, or stereo, karaoke song selection for acoustic accompaniment or broadcast.
8 kinds of exclusive Reverb Echo sound field
KM210 using digital reverb echo Reverb Echo technology, deployment of eight different sound field (jazz, theater, sing, churches, Song of God, echoed, stage, concert), allowing users to easily find their favorite singing sound field mode, no longer self-exploration.
Dynamic full-range tone adjustment lift
KM210 can be used for full-range movements Key dynamic adjustment (+12 to -12).
Immediate voice recording eliminate
Instant voice cancellation technology
KM210 developed a Real-Time Vocal Reduce patented technology can be MP3 / MV Vocal fidelity in the immediate reduced by about 80%, so you can always sing on the latest release of Youtube HD MV, no longer have trouble cannot find the song.
High quality recording
KM210 while singing instantly synchronized recording after recording can be transferred into MP3, or post-production for individual MV album.
Record high quality 48K / 16-bit sampling, recording to WAV original source; audio files stored on a micro SD card.
In addition to recording singing outside, KM210 also made recordings for any input source and microphone.
HDMI input and output
KM210 on the market only has HDMI input port of Karaoke Mixer, you can connect any HDMI output devices such as mobile phones, tablet PCs, smart TV Stick (Box), set-top boxes, laptops, game consoles and other devices; when the high-definition video input, After KM210 will capture HDMI audio signal and microphone audio mixing and increased again by the HDMI output port output to a TV and stereo.
S / PDIF and Analog audio output
KM210 with Optical Audio output Digital optical audio output using S / PDIF optical fiber connector; KM210 also provides preamp with PreAmp function of Analog audio output, dual output using RCA connectors.
KM210 have a headphone output can be used as singing monitor, or monitor the use of sound recordings.
Synchronous 4 Mic
KM210 support four simultaneous microphone inputs, front panel with Ø6.3mm two microphone jacks, and two optional wireless microphone input; microphones in addition to singing, it can also be used as a general PA public places.
The world's only miniature wireless microphone receiver
W-Startech developed a miniature of the world's only wireless microphone receiver, dimensions only 55mm x 25mm x 7mm, using high-frequency 2.4GHz band, lossless compression and transmission mode enables clear sound; receiver without the power to directly embed Under cover KM210, KM210 and combined into one, overall appearance and ease of use to go out.
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Karaoke And Sound System
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