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Teflon Superfine Powder

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Teflon Superfine Powder

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  • Shenyang , Liaoning , China (vasteland)
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  • 08/13/2015

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PTFE superfine powder-B01 is a star product of the factory. It keeps the features of polytetrafluoroethene, such as, good chemical stability, strong acid resistance, strong alkali resistance, high temperature and low temperature resistance, and it has better dispersing property! PTFE superfine powder-B01 is mainly used in coating, lubricating oil, engineering plastic, plastic modification, cosmetics, rubber, medical apparatus and instruments, and other fields.
PTFE superfine powder has kept excellent performances of PTFE, and it has advantages including high degree of crystallinity, good dispersion, etc. It is widely used in synthetic materials to improve the lubricating property, wear resistance and flame resistance of base materials. Moreover, it can also be used as additive for lubricating oil, printing ink, coating, and etc.
PTFE superfine powder can be used as modifier for synthetic materials. It is reported that all modified engineering plastics with lubricating performance contains PTFE superfine powders or fine powders. It can be used in producing gear, bearing and pulley, etc.
PTFE superfine powder can increase surface properties and volume performance of rubber, for example, add 10% PTFE superfine powder in organic silicon rubber, fluororubber, EPDM and polychloroprene can increase friction performance and wear resistance of main polymer.

PTFE superfine powder-A02 is superfine polytetrafluoroethylene powder developed by the factory,average particle size is about 3 micrometer. It is suitable for customers having stringent fineness requirements. Moreever, PTFE-A02 has light molecular weight (molecular weight<10,000). Besides excellent performance of polytetrafluoroethylene, it has unique properties, including, no self-coagulation, no electrostatic effect, good intermiscibility, low molecular weight, good dispersion, high self-lubrication, low friction coefficient, etc.
PTFE superfine powder-A02 can be used alone as solid lubricant, or as additive for plastic, rubber, coating, ink, lubricating oil, lubricating grease, etc.
Add PTFE superfine powder in coating can get various high performance coatings. It can improve viscosity and lubricating property of coating, reduce friction coefficient, increase corrosion and wear resistance, improve critical film thickness, and improve its formability. as anti-sticking coating, it can be widely used in food, packaging, household appliance, kitchenware, chemical corrosion resistant meal parts, automobile, electronic parts, and other fields.
Add PTFE superfine powder in lubricating oil and lubricating grease and improve the high pressure and high temperature lubricating performance of materials. Add PTFE superfine powder in silicon oil, mineral oil or paraffin oil can obviously increase viscosity of oil. Add PTFE superfine powder in grease, rosin, mineral can get high-quality lubricants. at present, it can be widely used in ball bearing, wear resistant bearing, lubricating guide rail, slider, valve
Patent No./Country: China
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