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plastic bottle

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  • Land/Gebied: China (vasteland)
  • Provincie: Jiangsu
  • Contactpersoon: Nancy
  • Tel.: 86-0512-81586868
  • Fax: 86-0512-81586867
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plastic bottle

De Categorie van het product Plastic Flessen
De Methode van de verkoop De uitvoer
De Termijn van de betaling T/T,L/C bij Gezicht
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  • CHANGSHU , Jiangsu , China (vasteland)
  • null
  • 12/08/2009

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PLA bottle:
They are biodegradable in industrial composting conditions
within 45/90days and this benefits the environment through
minimising the impact on landfills
They are environmentally friendly as a result
They are made from a plentiful non-depleting source
They are not derived from petroleum the traditional source
for plastic bottles and packaging.
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lotion Bottles, cosmetic bottle
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