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  • Land/Gebied: Taiwan
  • Contactpersoon: Bo-Chin Du
  • Tel.: 886-6-2559225,2473902
  • Fax: 886-6-2553253
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MK-009 Knobs

De Categorie van het product Elektronisch Plastiek,De Materialen van de Productie van de elektronika & Supplies/n.e.s.,Auto Plastic & RubberDelen
De Methode van de verkoop De uitvoer,Vervaardiging,In het groot
De Termijn van de betaling T/T
Minimum Orde: 1000 Stukken
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  • Taiwan
  • MK-009
  • UL, CSA, CE, VDE, TUV...Safety Approval
  • 03/31/2016

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  • ** (cm)

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Product Specifications :
1. Body Material : Bakelite or Plastic
2. Body Color : Black
3. Inlay Color : Red, Yellow, Green, Black, Blue
4. Shaft Hole : 3.2Φ, 6.1Φ, 6.4Φ, 18 Teeth
5. Screw : 3Φ x p0.5 x 3mm
6. Size : 10.8Φ x 13Φ x L14.7 x H15mm

. Made in Taiwan, Quality to Stabilize, the Price is Reasonable
. Electronic, Automobile Switches / Electronic Components / Automobile Accessories / 3 Departments, About total 5000, Items
. SGS Approval
. In Addition to Product Advertising and on our Catalogue, We Also Accept Customer Contact Products,pls Provide Product Spec, Drawing, Photograph and Quantity , we Will Reply to You ASAP
. Consult our Webpage http://www.dus-switch-parts.com.tw

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