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Switchboard PD Defects Simulating Device

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  • Land/Gebied: China (vasteland)
  • Provincie: Hubei
  • Stad: Wuhan
  • Contactpersoon: Mr. John Zou
  • Tel.: 86-27-82757025
  • Fax: 86-27-82757025
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Switchboard PD Defects Simulating Device

De Categorie van het product Test Equipments/n.e.s.
De Methode van de verkoop De uitvoer,Vervaardiging,OEM/ODM
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1 Reeks USD 100000 / Reeks
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  • Wuhan , Hubei , China (vasteland)
  • UN004
  • 07/22/2017

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General information:
Simulate switchboard internal insulation faults, it is suitable for transformer’s PD charged detection research, instrument assessment and teaching training
Good authenticity
The switchboard is designed according to the real switchboard to simulate all the structure and electrical characteristics of the switchboard.
Fault simulation
The model can simulate all kinds of discharge type for switchboard such as Point discharge, Suspension discharge, Air- gap discharge, Particle discharge, Surface discharge etc. A variety of discharged can be compounded production.
Controllable discharge
A single or composite PD signal can be simulated and control the starting voltage, the extinction voltage and the discharge intensity of each discharge signal.
Detection diversity
It can provide a test platform for pulse current, ultra high frequency, ultrasonic, transient ground voltage and other technical tests.
Measurement transfer
Built in pulse current correlation coupling and calibration unit, can synchronously detect the PD level of the experimental device, and be used as the basis for the instrument evaluation.
Good stability
Each fault model can be reused and the fault characteristics are stable.
Built-in infrared video probe, it is easy to observe the internal state, capture the discharge video.
Easy operation
The occurrence and disappearance of all kinds of faults can be directly controlled outside the device.
Safe and reliable
Voltage step-up equipment is built in, high voltage isolated from the outside, operation is safe and reliable.
Voltage class: 35kV;
PD level: <=1pC;
Adjust method: Manual/Automatic;
Coupling capacitance: 50pF;
Discharge simulation: Point discharge 5~1000pC, Particles discharge 0.1~20pC, Suspension discharge 100~20000pC, Air-gap discharge 10~1500pC, Surface discharge 10~1500pC. 
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Switchboard, PD Defects, Simulating Device
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