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Ladders in construction & Real Estate, telescopic ladder 3.8m

Post Datum: 2019/01/11 13:22:13
Verlopen Datum: 2019/04/11 23:59:59
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Shandong Pangu Industrial Co., Ltd.
  • Contactpersoon:Helen Fan
  • De Titel van de baan: De Manager van de uitvoer
  • Tel.:86-0534-6803603
  • Fax:86-053-6803619
  • Adres:Dezhou, Shandong, China (mainland)
  • Stad:DEZHOU
  • Staat/Provincie: SHANDONG
  • Land/Gebied:China (vasteland)
  • Pit/Post Code: 253600


  • Aluminum telescopic ladders


    • Aluminum telescopic ladders
    • Total length: 3.8m
    • Extension size: 381x47.5x8.8cm
    • Folding size:87.5x47.5x8.8cm
    • total steps:13STEP; space between two rungs: 29 cm
    • Aluminum mode:6063,thickness of aluminum:1.3~1.5mm
    • Max load:150kg
    • G.Weight: 11.5kg
    • N.Weight: 11kg
    • 1*20': 672pcs
    • 1*40': 1408pcs
    • Shrink wrap with color cover, carton
    • Packing size:50*10.3*88cm/ctn

Aluminum alloy:

For most of our aluminum ladders, the thickness of the material is 1.5mm+, some are 1.2mm+. Really sorry that we don't supply the 0.8mm or 1.0mm ladders. You can check this by the weight of the ladder easily.