Wuhan MZ Electronic Co., Ltd.

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  • Land/Gebied: China (vasteland)
  • Provincie: Hubei
  • Stad: Wuhan
  • Contactpersoon: Mr. Hammer
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Wuhan MZ Electronic Co., Ltd, who is global cable accessories solution provider of different nylon cable ties, different stainless steel cable ties, cable clips, cable glands, cable tie mounts, cable holders, wire connectors, wire joints, insulated terminals, cable clamps, spiral wrapping band and other cable accessories. "Humanist, to survive, continuous innovation" and the policy of "improve quality, the high-quality service, develop the market" the quality policy. Comply with "customer first, quality first" business purpose! Wuhan MZ Electronic Co., Ltd will take seriously, realistic, and constantly in pursuit of excellence. In future co... [ Click for detail ]

Info van het contact
Company Name Wuhan MZ Electronic Co., Ltd.
Land van Herkomst China (vasteland)
Staat/Provincie Hubei
Stad Wuhan
Adres ROOM 601, UNIT 1, BUILING No. 22, Mocha Town, Panlong Cheng District
Tel. 86-1324-7193001
Fax 86-27-61502683
Pit/Post Code 325000
Contactpersoon Mr. Hammer